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Jarrett's Summer Reading List

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to put away the kid’s school bags, and start packing for our summer trips.  With that in mind, here are my top-picks for a summer reading list, for both financial and non-financial topics.  I am often asked to recommend books of a financial nature, so those included here are from my “all-time favorites” list, while the non-financial titles come from my leisure reading over the past year or so.

7 Things Your Advisor Should Review Annually

For a consumer, the sheer number of titles currently in use by those of us in the financial services industry, must seem bewildering. Add to that, the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any standardization to any of them, and it is understandable why so many clients really have no idea at all what it means to be a ‘financial advisor’. The truth is that so many different financial services professionals are allowed to use the moniker of ‘financial advisor’, from brokers to planners, and everything In between, that the title can, at times, seem a bit hollow.

Is it time to reverse your thinking on reverse mortgages?

There are few terms in the finance industry more reviled in the minds of the general public, as “Reverse Mortgage”.  However, as is often the case in the world of finance, long-held perceptions and biases, are not always reflective of the financial reality of today’s economy, and, as a result, can be counter-productive.

Stay in your own lane - Investing in traffic

I love living in the Bay Area, and in my view, there are very few drawbacks to calling this part of the world home. Now I am certainly biased in this regard, since both my wife and I grew up here and have lived most of our lives here, but I have seen a fair bit of this world, and there is definitely something special about Northern California, and the Bay Area in particular.

Annuities Are Like Air-Bags For Your Portfolio

The concept of an annuity, a promise by one party to make a series of payments of a specific value to another for a given period of time, or until a certain event occurs (such as the death of the person receiving the payments), has been around since at least the Roman Empire. The history is too long and varied to address here, but for a financial concept that has been around for so long, the reputation of the annuity has certainly endured a roller-coaster ride in modern times.