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Process Options for Divorcing Couples

For couples considering divorce, once one or both of you have decided to end the marriage, the single most important choice that will need to be made, together, is how you will go about getting divorced. This means: which actual process you will utilize to end your marriage? That’s because, even though divorce is a legal procedure, the process of unwinding the legal contract of marriage is not only a legal one.

If it seems too good to be probably is

In late 1999, as I was starting my career in financial services, I went to play a round of golf with a good friend of mine, and he brought along a neighbor of his to join us. I was in my late twenties, and the guy was just a few years older than I. He lived in a house in the Uplands in Berkeley, a few doors down from my friend who lived in an in-law apartment at his parent’s home. My friend’s neighbor had inherited the house, which must have been worth a lot and I remembered being impressed that someone his age could afford to live in that neighborhood on his own.

Top 5 Financial Errors Couples Make When Divorcing

I recently gave a workshop for couples who are considering divorce and was asked “what are the biggest financial errors couples make when negotiating their divorces?” Afterwards, it occurred to me that it might be a good blog piece so that, hopefully, anyone reading this can avoid some of these financial pitfalls which are so easy to make when under the stress and strain of going through a divorce.

The Not MS Ride Wrap Up

Normally this time of year, I would be writing a post-mortem blog post about our recently completed MS Ride: Waves to Wine charity event in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That’s because for the past seven years, Topel & DiStasi Wealth Management has sponsored a small team of clients and friends on their annual bike ride to raise awareness and money for the society and its work.

Gavin's Summer Reading List

As hard as it is to believe, summer is once again drawing to a close, so it does seem a bit odd calling this blog my summer reading list. And despite the fact that very few of us actually got what we would normally call a true ‘summer’, in an effort to diverge from some of the more serious topics we’ve been addressing of late, I’m doing it anyway. This time around, I am focusing purely on financial titles since that’s the area we get asked about most frequently.